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About this IPT installation

This is a default IPT hosted by Okavango Research Institute

You can use the following variables about the hosting organisation:

  • description = The Okavango Research Institute (ORI) of the University of Botswana is mandated to carry out world class engaged research on the Delta, but has also been tasked with conducting monitoring to support the Okavango Delta Management Plan.Biodiversity Monitoring data are stored and managed in SQL databases accessible through a web portal However, ORI goes further to contribute to the world biodiversity information by improving open access to existing datasets by hosting reliable IPT infrustructure, formatting BD datasets to Darwincore standards, as well as publishing of BD datasets in its custody.By way of publishing available datasets, it ORI recognizes the need to "facilitate the conservation of biodiversity and the equitable sharing of its benefits". Finally, ORI contributes by providing baselines of BD efforts in and around the Delta.
  • name = Okavango Research Institute
  • alias = Okavango Research Institute
  • homepageURL = []
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  • nodeKey = 7f48e0c8-5c96-49ec-b972-30748e339115
  • nodeName = Participant Node Managers Committee
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